Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As I am prepping for a paddling trip on the coast, I thought it would be a nice time to look at the gear I pack. I am fortunate enough to occasionally work for a very respected outdoor skills and leadership school, and this has taught me a system that works for me, and I have perfected it over many years and many trips. There is very little variation in what I pack, and even though this trip is just three days, and the courses I work are a month, the kit will be very much the same. (I hope I am using the term 'kit' correctly as I have picked it up from the many wonderful UK/Scottish sea kayaking blogs I am reading)

The person I am doing this trip with has never done an overnight trip from a kayak, so it should be an interesting experience, though he is an experienced cyclist and his gear from that should transition well.

So here is what I pack, and as I said this is for a three day trip, The gear selection is not very different for 30 days.

A quick note. I don't want this blog to be about 'gear'. So I will mention very few brand names. But if you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

20 liter dry bag - weather gear. Drysuit, dry top and pants, Rain shell. hats. gloves.
20 liter dry bag - regular clothes. synthetic long underwear top and bottom, thin pants, quick dry T shirt, Quick dry long sleeve shirt, light fleece pants. two pairs of wool socks. Fleece jacket.

10 liter dry bag - miscellaneous personal items. head lamp, book, toothbrush. batteries. sunscreen, stuff like that.

gym size duffel - with heavy duty liner for food - food is a whole other list.

synthetic sleeping bag in compression stuff sack with heavy duty liner
self inflating sleeping pad

mesh bag with cook kit, and white gas stove. stove repair kit. seal able bowl, insulated mug, knife, cutting board.

10 liter dromedary for water - this trip I am packing four gallons of water as there is no water available to us once we put in.

15 liter dry bag with first aid kit - as a former paramedic I carry a large first aid kit. This also insures I never need it.

pelican case with VHF radio - primarily for weather, but good to have.

Tent and tarp in stuff bags with sand anchors.

On my boat is a bilge pump, and paddle float. I don't do any sort of paddling without these two items, and they are visible in all my videos. On this trip I will also have a throw bag, and a deck compass

In my PFS - 1.8 liter hydration system. Knife. 8' long static tow. Whistle. GPS. chemical light stick.

All of my gear will fit into a large duffel - sometimes a large 115 liter dry bag with backpack straps - to get my gear to and from the boat. when I land on a beach this duffel will be the first thing out, and I will fill it with gear. When I move the boats to the water to start packing, It will be the last thing into the boat.

On this trip I am not packing a repair kit, or a spare paddle - though I may change my mind on that - due to the shortness of the trip and the relative shelter of the route.

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