Monday, July 12, 2010

No Set Up

So our goal is to get to a point where our roll is solid. Where we can do a roll at any time with no prep. Our goal is to get to the 'no set up' roll. Basically it entails paddling along, putting the paddle up around your shoulders, and flopping over into the water. So you are upside down without being in your predetermined setup position - Dragon Bows His Head. So you find yourself upside down completely out of position. Then you just follow your steps. I tend to not skip step one, even when not set up. Because rolling is a chain of events. If I skip one portion, I wont be sure the other three are correct. But it does take time, underwater, with a paddle in your hands to get to 'Dragon bows his head'. Everything moves slower underwater - amplified by the fact that you want everything to go faster, so you can get back to sweet precious air. Just take your time. A good way to transition into this is something Andy had me do at the whitewater center - which I mentioned last post - which forced me to slow down, and just roll. He had me set up on my offside, and roll on my onside, which meant that I had to switch sides underwater. I was surprised how quickly the movement happened - with the reason being that I was not so much moving myself around the kayak, as moving the little whitewater kayak around me. That is not the case in a seventeen foot long sea kayak. The kayak offers more resistance to the water than me and my paddle do, So I will be moving around the kayak. But in the whitewater kayak it happened fairly quickly. It was actually more than a no set up roll, it was a wrong set up roll, and it made my mind focus on the present. Which is really our goal. To be in the present - I am upside down in my kayak, fix it - versus not being in the present - I am upside down in my kayak, what happens if I don't fix it, I will drown, or get hurt, or what I think is the biggest fear, I will look like a stupid kayaker who can't roll. That is proabably the biggest driving force in missed rolls. Worrying about missing your roll, will make you miss your roll. Everytime.

Stop thinking, just roll.

In this video you will see the wrong side set up roll twice, a regular roll, and a combat roll.

wrong set up roll from Paddling Otaku on Vimeo.

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