Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Endings, but never ending.

Roughly six months ago I stepped out of the shadows and I started the process for putting what I teach on this blog for all to read. Seventy-two posts later I am about where I want to be, At roughly thirty five thousand words it is a bit shorter than I planned but so far I am happy with the results.

I am going to take some time, and reorganize what I have. Change orders around. Flesh out some more Ideas. I will still be posting, but the age of hard skill instruction has - mostly - come to an end. I will add, and tweak things in the future, and as I mentioned previously I am going to transition the blog into a journal for a trip I am doing next summer.

So if you have read this blog from beginning to end, and it has helped you, then I have succeeded in terms of my goal. This is but the first step on a longer journey. A long time ago I was introduced by my Sensei to the phrase, 'student of serious kayaking'. It is a phrase I like very much. I consider myself a teacher, but the reason I teach is that it lets me learn. I learned a tremendous amount about kayaking in the last six months. I plan on learning a lot more.

For you, my advice is simple. Paddle. Spend time in your kayak, and get to know it. Be pushing your skills. Paddle in different environments. Paddle in the cold, and the wet. The rough and the calm. Paddle with your kayak empty, and full. simply paddle. Only through consistent practice can you continue to grow as a kayaker. Work to the point that kayaking can become a meditation. The forward stroke is the ultimate meditation in a kayak. You must be aware of it, yet unaware. You have to learn how to do it, so you can forget how to do it, and thereby do it naturally. That is the skill. That is the art.

If you came to this blog with previous kayaking experience, I hope you followed my advice, and emptied your cup. If you did, I am sure I had something to fill it with in return.

This phase of the journey ends, and another begins. But here is an offer I have for you. If you have questions that I didn't answer, by all means send me an email. If you have questions about form, and how yours is, send me a link to a video, and I will review it, and get back to you.

Video is a wonderful tool to see what you are really doing. I saw it myself when editing the video for this blog, I had to shoot and reshoot things because I didn't like the way I was doing particular things. Video is pretty easy to do these days, please use that powerful tool.

Now go kayaking.


  1. We've enjoyed the first chapter of the "journey" with you, PO...and look forward to the next. Paddle on.