Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Kitchen

I used to be an avid backpacker, but after many years I had an epiphany. After laboring all day under a 52 pound back pack, and setting up camp with no real comforts or amenities. I was faced with freeze dried dinner coming out of a package. This is no way to live. This is why I started sea kayaking. I read a magazine article by Tim Cahill. He explained that after a day of paddling in the San Juans, dinner was fresh salmon with a nice bottle of wine. My interest was immediately piqued.

Cut to today. Close to two decades later I am revamping my paddling kitchen kit. I like to eat well on paddle trips, but at the same time the longer the trip the harder it is to get creative, because of the constraints of space and time. But in November the Alaska crew is doing a paddle together. Only a few days, and as some wont have their kayaks that they are buying for Alaska, we needed to scale it down a little. Three days, base camped on an island. Working on skills and getting a feel for group dynamics. But I digress. The kitchen kit.

In Gordon Browns video he explains that he likes smaller bags because you end up with less air in the boat, but if I have a dozen small bags I wont be able to find anything. So I use a bag for food, and a bag for cooking gear, and it is this bag of cooking gear that I am revamping. Previously I would put cooking tools into the bag, and then hunt and peck for what I was looking for, but I recently picked up this. It is designed for bike tools, but I am using it for kitchen tools. It packs pretty flat, and will make finding the appropriate tool that much easier. I am waiting for a small chefs knife to arrive and then the first stage will be done. I am looking forward to the November trip to get a feel for how it works.

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