Saturday, October 23, 2010

UPDATE: Alaska

Things are moving well towards next summers trip. The team has stabilized in terms of numbers, some are starting to spec new kayaks, and gear. As a group we are pretty excited. A few things need to occur for next summer to work. One of those is that I need to buy a new car. This has been pushed to the forefront because I got a new - or actually additional - job that will require my little home to go from a one car household, to a two car household. I have no qualms about paddling 350 miles in frigid Alaskan waters, but buying a car is daunting.

The reason that a car is need for Alaska is this. My team lives on the east coast of the United States. There will be - probably - five Seventeen foot kayaks going on the trip. They need to get to Alaska, and that is probably the biggest logistical challenge.

I looked into shipping kayaks, but that would cost almost as much as buying new ones, and then there is the fear of damage en route.

I looked into renting kayaks, and again, the cost would be around $1400 us. Plus, you don't know what you will have to paddle in, and I would rather this group get some time in the boats they will be paddling for the month.

A friend has an uncle who ships exotic sports cars from where I live to Seattle, Washington. He offered a ride for our boats. But then I would need to get the kayaks from Seattle to Bellingham Washington for the ferry to Skagway or Ketchikan Alaska. The ferry alone is over $600 per person. one way. And we would still need to get to the boats to Bellingham, and us to Seattle.

The fuel to drive all the way to Skagway will cost around $500, and while it will take more time it will give us control over the boats, so currently that is the plan.

two cars, five kayaks, a whole mess of food, and gear. and two or three drivers. I am honestly more worried about getting to the water than I am about anything that might occur on the water. But this isn't my first expedition, and I know that the things that you worry about are never the things that cause problems. It's the things you never think of, that create roadblocks. Only time will tell.

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