Saturday, December 18, 2010

The first boat has arrived

For several people doing the Alaska trip with me, one of the biggest hurdles is the fact that either they don't currently own a kayak, or they own several kayaks that aren't suitable for this kind of trip. This is one of the bigger challenges. It is hard enough to buy a kayak, but add to that fact, that they are going to be sitting in it for nearly a month straight. It not only has to fit well, but the kayak needs to hold a lot of gear. Making a difficult decision more difficult is that all three of the people who need kayaks for this trip are small women.

Well last night, for one of our team mates a kayak arrived, it is now resting peacefully with the other kayaks in my yard. It is an interim kayak. A kayak for her to use to get some serious time in the cockpit while waiting for her actual trip boat to arrive. And if a trip boat shouldn't arrive, it will be a fairly suitable stand in. Many things are still going on here, but serious planning must start once January rolls around. A tentative departure date has been set for June 23rd. Ferry schedules must be consulted, a route has to be finalized. Much to do between now and June 23rd.

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