Friday, January 7, 2011


As planning continues for this summers expedition it is clear what the biggest challenge will be. Logistics. Simply getting the people, the kayaks, the gear, and the food to a put-in in Ketchikan Alaska. This is true of most expeditions in my experience. We have already researched the best ways to get five kayaks and assorted gear to our put-in. The least expensive way is simply to drive the kayaks on the top of a pair of cars to Skagway. Load the boats and gear on the ferry to Ketchikan. And paddle back north.

So here is today's dilemma. What are we going to do with two cars for a month in Skagway Alaska. We need to park them someplace safe, and walkable to the ferry terminal. I am sure we could find long term parking someplace, but anyway that we can save some money is needed.

So I am putting it out there. Do you know someone who lives in Skagway, Alaska?

Here is your chance to help.

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