Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Drysuit update

My mango red Kokatat GMER dry suit is once again in my hands. Shipping was slower than I had hoped a bit more than a week each way, and then there was a little issue with UPS not knowing where it was for 26 hours - which only had me slightly insane. It turned up this afternoon and looks wonderful.

It came in a box folded like it was done by someone who has folded a lot of dry suits. It had a tag on it with my name, and a list of where it was to be patched.

The outside of the drysuit had small bits of something on it, it almost looks like melted plastic shavings, they were on the suit exterior, but the interior was clean.

I counted 14 small patches inside the suit, there may have been more. They did a beautiful job, and I am very excited to get this back on and in the water. Here is my only concern. Yes this suit is about two years old, and yes it gets a lot of use. But I take very good care of it. It lives in its own dry bag, it hangs dry after use. I really cant account for 14 holes.

Jordan from Kokatat was awesome, He couldnt tell me what caused the pin hole size leaks - how could he - but he explained that they are common in high wear areas. He was awesome about keeping me informed as to the status of the suit, and explaining the process for the repair. Though I would like to see a video of how they pressure test the drysuit. So this is one less thing that needs to be taken care of before Alaska.

Another item off the list is a power adapter for the car. I bought a 12 volt accessory adapter that will charge the GoPro. So I can shoot video on the drive, and hit the ferry with fully charged batteries. I will also be prepared to charge the batteries on the ferry as I assume I will be able to find a standard electrical outlet. I would like to shoot video of the route on the way down.

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