Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The tapered dry bag

The tapered dry bag has arrived, and once I got the chance - I was out of town teaching a Wilderness First Aid course - I loaded it up. I packed it with every piece of clothing that I normally pack on a multi day trip. From rain gear to base layers, everything except my drysuit which I will be wearing when I paddle. It swallowed them all without any trouble. In fact normally with a dry bag you want three smooth, solid rolls to maintain waterproofness. I actually got six rolls - indicating that there is still room in the bag! The bag fits in both my stern and bow, giving me some packing options. It leaves a little room in front - or behind depending on your point of view - which will be filled with fuel bottles. I will test pack the kayak in a few days but it fit so well in my boat I am thinking about ordering another one. It literally takes the place of two 20 liter dry bags, a system I have used effectively since 2000! I am very excited, and can't believe I waited as long as I did to do a taper bag.

Tomorrow the first of the food arrives, along with the bags that will be holding all the food when packed. The only purchases that need to be made are the actual food and fuel, and a few accessories for my Gopro camera. At the end of the month we will buy the ferry tickets. Were are getting close.


  1. They are a thing of beauty. Now you just have to find somewhere else to store your "fuel" bottles. ;-)

  2. Do you have the date for your ferry from Skagway yet?

  3. We have a plan of being on the ferry on June 29th, with a back date - if we miss the ferry on the 29th - of July 1st