Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The minutiae will kill you.

It's the little things that add up that I think may absolutely drive me crazy.

I found out today that the adhesive I was using to practice boat repairs was the wrong stuff. It worked well. But I would like to try what I am actually supposed to use. I ordered some online.

The wheels for my kayak should be here soon. But I am also going to need a cable and lock to secure my kayak for two days. Do I pack it with me the rest of the trip, or donate it to the Harbormaster in Ketchikan?

I have enough batteries and SD cards for the GoPro for 16 hours of recording at 720P. I have them both (as well as batteries for my Olympus Camera) in a small pelican case, but the SD cards are so small I worry about loosing them.

I got a small piece of fiberglass cloth in case I have to do a serious repair. I hope I never have to use it - donated by a friend who runs a kayak shop, thanks Will!

I love my tent, but hate how big it packs. I need to play with that and see if there is a better way. The biggest problem with it, is the rain fly has a an 12 pole in the center that is permanently attached and makes packing it difficult.

I needed to beef up my fire starting kit, which now doesn't really fit anywhere. I have lots of little odds and ends that don't have permanent places yet. I haven't made any changes to the way I do things, or pack things, but just adding a little bulk for the length of the trip is wreaking havoc with my systems.

My nice insulated coffee mug is making everything taste metallic lately. I need to clean it and sterilize it and see if that changes things.

People keep asking my why I don't bring some form of solar power system to recharge cameras and the like. A) they don't work as well as you think B) We are paddling this route in the driest month of the year and can still expect about 7 inches of rain. But if you would like to donate this to the cause, feel free. I will even return it to you if it survives.

When I bought my kayak a few years ago, it was purchased with this trip in mind. On every trip I have done it has been the 'load monster' in the group. This trip will definitely be the test.

As I type this, the weather in Skagway Alaska is 50ยบ with 8mph winds from the southwest. In other words. Absolutely perfect for paddling. I wish I was there right now.

25 days.

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  1. Ah, um... SHOW MOTHER NATURE NO MERCY, cause she'll be showing none to you. Go get em killer.