Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ketchikan to Skagway

June 26th through July 16th
18 days of paddling
3 rest days

I have a lot to write, and a lot of video to edit. But first some quick notes.
This route which is billed as easy paddling and no real technical challenges was anything but.

We paddled some very big water, and had to deal with some very high winds. This was a very challenging paddle, and lets not even get into the brown bear that stood on my kayak.

We completed the paddle - the mileage still needs to be computed - with very few hitches in 18 days.

I need to take some time off as I am exhausted and have been sick for the past ten days. Tomorrow morning I will see a doctor and then head south from Skagway.

Thanks for keeping track, lots of info to come.