Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inside Outside

This is a view we have seen - in part - before. I had opportunity to mount a second camera under my deck at the same time I had a camera on top of my deck. I used them to get a good view of myself 'finding good contact' when entering the kayak as well as the foot and leg motions that go along with the forward stroke. It is hard to see how my body moves the kayak when I edge, it's there, but it's subtle.

So many things we have discussed before, but that are always worth mentioning again, and again.

Contact - five points of contact between the paddler and the kayak. This way the kayak will move as you move, and react to the movements of your body. Alternately giving you information to what forces the kayak is feeling from wind and water.

Forward - with each stroke we rotate our core at the belly button. The hand in the air (opposite the blade in the water) is pushing with relaxed fingers.  And with each stroke we are pushing with alternating feet. This is where our power really comes from. When I am paddling slowly, I don't even engage my feet, but as soon as I want to accelerate I start pushing with the foot on the same side as my pushing hand. We never think about pulling the paddle through the water, just pushing through the air and with our feet. We are doing very little work with our arms, letting our large torso muscles and the even larger muscles in our legs do all the work.

It's amazing how much light comes through the hull of the kayak.

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