Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gear Concept

This is an idea I had while doing the Alaska Expedition, While I wouldn't want this level of information in my face everyday, on a long, expedition driven day, this level of, and access too information would be helpful. I would like a sunglasses company to team up with garmin and make this happen. What information would you want in a heads up display for kayaking?


  1. That's too funny! I have been thinking the same thing in the past from a Geocaching perspective but I think it would be great for being on the water! How about artificial horizon with tilt angle with a big warning when a capsize is about to happen? Now, I'm pretty sure with today's technology anything is possible...... I just don't want to pay 5 to 6 figures for a pair.

  2. I had actually animated in an artificial horizon, and it just didn't seem necessary. Maybe if paddling in fog! This was really an excuse to learn After Effects.