Friday, November 25, 2011

Kayaking Christmas

While this blog isn't generally about gear, I am a big fan of Christmas. Yes, I am a Buddhist who likes Christmas. I guess I'm an enigma. With that in mind I wanted to give a list of what I think would be a great top ten list of gear for the kayaker in your life. From least expensive to most.

#1 Adventure Medical Kits Slim Rescue Whistle $6.00 Because you can blow a whistle longer and louder than you can yell for help, every PFD should have a rescue whistle attached.

#2 Smartwool Cuffed Beanie $18.49 Keep your head warm on those Alaska paddle trips, feels wonderful and packs small.

#3 Long sleeve tech T $29.50 The fastest wicking shirt you will ever wear. (and it can't tell the difference between sweat (what it was designed to wick) and water) It dries super fast after rolling sessions. And offers great SPF protection.

#3A The Rescues - Gordon Brown DVD #2 $29.95 Gordon Brown is the Scottish Yoda of kayaking. His book is amazing, and while I haven't seen this video yet I am sure it will change the way you view rescues.

#4 Black Diamond Storm $49.00 For those early morning starts or late night paddles. 100 lumens bright, and waterproof.

#5 Brunton Deck Compass $86.39 Time to finally fill that spot designed for a deck compass, yet I know a lot of kayakers who haven't done it. Strap on deck compasses just aren't as good.

#6 Half Dome 2 $179.00 This is a wonderful little tent. Perfect for those first forays into kayak camping.

#7 GoPro Hero HD2 $299.00 Too much fun in a tiny package. Use it to shoot all your kayaking adventures.

#8 Werner Kalliste $400.00 I can give you so many reasons to buy this paddle it isn't even fair. Do the Carbon/Carbon version and skip the bent shaft unless you have elbow trouble.

#9 Kokatat Meridian Dry suit $1100.00 Help justify the price by saying it is safety equipment and it will extend your paddle season. It doesn't get better than this dry suit. And if your going to do a dry suit do the socks and relief zipper option. If your going to do it, do it big.

#10 Delta Sixteen $2300.00 I love my Delta, and when I paddled this last year it was my seventeen but just a touch snappier. It would make a great second boat.

That list would make anyone the happiest kayaker on christmas day. I just love the idea of a kayak under the tree.


  1. The NRS Mission is a great drysuit for a lot less money.

  2. Dave,

    A couple of points. My only problem with my Kokatat is that the gore isn't breathable enough. I did a post about how wonderful eVent is. So I like the idea of this drysuit.

    I have also used a lot of NRs products and they make great stuff.

    That said, the quality of the Kokatat is incredible. In my experience cheaper -because none of them are cheap - drysuits leak. I would very much like to try the mission drysuit though