Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seat taken - Update

I have a number of friends who check in with my blog who are not serious Sea kayakers. One is a very serious cyclist, the other is a serious whitewater paddler. I had conversations with both of them regarding the seat taken post.

My cyclist friend confirmed that the exact same rules apply to cycling. People tend to want big comfy seats when they start, and then as they learn what they want, and what works, go to ever smaller seats. He mentioned people with big gel seats that are sliding all over the place and have no real connection to their bike. Which sounds exactly like kayaking.

My whitewater friend - Andy, who I have mentioned before - has moved to Key Largo and I have lost my best kayaking friend. In fact, I wore his spray skirt in Alaska and told him that I felt badly that his skirt went to Alaska and he didn't. To which he replied "then I was there in spirit". An amazing guy who I miss paddling with, But I digress. He said the seat back looked a lot like the seat back he had in his whitewater kayak which he said he loved but on long days it would dig into his back. So I am curious long term how my new seat back does.

I have long been envious of the cockpits of whitewater kayaks. They have all sorts of contraptions to hold the paddler in place to make the kayak ultra responsive. We don't get any of these gadgets in sea kayaks. About the best we get are foam blocks we can shave into place.

I very much appreciate the perspective of two non-sea kayakers as I realized that the issues that I talk about in kayaking transcends my realm and is really experienced in other sporting realms.

If you live in the United States Enjoy your holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!

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