Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa's paddling style

More readers, by far, come to this blog with one question. It is some variation on this:
Which is better, high angle or low angle paddling, or what's the difference between high angle and low angle, or when would I use high angle or low angle paddling style.

I have gone over the differences in the past, so I won't go into it again. However, this evening as we were decorating out Christmas tree my wife handed me two nearly identical Christmas tree ornaments. She said "we have two of these you should hang them both." As I looked at them I realized that while in theory they were identical - Santa Claus in a kayak - to the trained eye of a kayaker they in fact were very different.

Yes, they are both kayaking, and in touring kayaks. They both have a little dog on their bows, which is how I paddle most of the time. But one Santa is paddling a low angle style and one is clearly paddling a high angle style. The controversy of low angle vs. high angle extends all the way to the north pole.

I hung them on opposite sides of the tree so the two of them don't get into an argument of the benefits of their particular styles. As we have slid into December, I hope you are still finding time to get yourself into a kayak.

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