Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Compass Rose

Last year while I was prepping for Alaska I wanted to create a plotter that I could use for planning the navigation for the trip. I was amazed that I couldn't find what I needed online so I created a file myself, styled on a US Navy compass ring. What I created in Adobe Photoshop was a compass rose with both an inner and an outer ring. The outer ring was fixed and was numbered in 360 one degree increments. The inner ring also had 360 one degree increments but since it was on its own photoshop layer it could be rotated and set to any declination.

You could then take the file to a copy shop - like Kinkos - and they can print it on clear acetate. Some printers and copy machines will also print on acetate. Put a string through the center of the compass ring and you can use it to plot courses on a map. As seen here.

I have decided to offer this compass rose photoshop file for sale for $1.00 US. On the right side of the screen you will see a new page listed - Paddling Otaku Store - The link to pay for the compass rose is on that page. I will then email you the compass rose photoshop file. Time to start navigating.

In the store you will also find a free link to download a float plan. This summer I used a free float plan from Sea Kayaker magazine, and it worked fine, but I thought it could be better. So I created my own, and I am making it available to everyone for free. Just head to the store page and there is a link to down load the two page PDF. Print it as two sided and leave it with someone reliable on your next trip.