Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 21 day (two minute) meditation challenge

A week ago I posted this, and I have really loved switching to a two minute format from my longer 20 minute meditation sittings. While the effect isn't as staggering as a good longer session, it is much less daunting, and frankly the time commitment makes it much more attainable. I used to be happy if I meditated twice a week. This week I have meditated five times.

The shorter sessions have also allowed me to put more of a focused effort into making those two minutes as good as possible. Short meditations are a little different than long meditations. The effects won't be as profound, it is more like running a sprint, than a marathon. But what it is doing is creating a habit. I wake up, and go to the gym, and at the end of my workout I find a quiet corner and sit for two minutes (though I generally enjoy it so much I stretch it to five).

This morning as I was sitting down to meditate I was thinking about how much I was enjoying the new format, when I had an idea. Several months ago - in support of a friend - I did a 21 day meditation challenge through the Chopra institute. Why not see if I can do 21 days of two minute meditation sessions? I wondered if my friend would be open to trying it with me? Then I thought, why not open it up to everyone. So that is what I am going to do, Starting Sunday the 22nd of April. Twenty one days of two minute sessions. You can sit at any time of day - though I think a morning session clears your head for the day - and all you have to do is like a Facebook post.

Here is a post at ZenHabits with the hows and whys to meditate - actually, these are wonderful instructions on how to meditate! Use the two minute format. Here is what you have to do to join the challenge:

Go to and leave a comment that your joining the challenge. Everyday I will post something on Facebook related to the challenge - a picture, a line of text. Whatever I think of - and you just need to 'like' that days post. That will show you meditated too. We are on the honor system.

I am going to figure out some sort of small prize for the people who do 19 days of meditation. 19 Days? But this is a 21 day meditation challenge? Yes, it is. But I am giving everyone two 'gimmes'. You miss a day, you can call a gimme, and keep going. We all have busy lives and sometimes we just get wrapped up in things and we forget.

So why should you do this? Because sometimes we get so wrapped up in things we forget to take two minutes! Do you have a hard time settling your brain when its time to go to sleep? Do you have high Blood Pressure? Are you stressed? All of these can be fixed by mediation. In fact, here are 100 things that are fixed by meditation, and meditation is free, requires no special equipment, and you can do it just about anywhere.

But you say 'I don't have time?' Really? You don't have two minutes? You're honestly telling me you can't take two minutes for yourself? You couldn't use two minutes of quiet time? Wake up in the morning and put the water on to boil for coffee and while your waiting you could be meditating. You couldn't use two minutes to, just, stop. Take two minutes a day for 21 days, and see what happens. It may be life changing. And if it's not, it was only two minutes.

What do you have to lose? You can do this!


  1. Since your April 12 post, I have tried this 2-minute practice, PO. Although, occasions of meditation have always provided an "oasis", I seriously lacked discipline - strange how we choose the whirling "carousel" over peace-filled moments. (I wonder what that's about?) Finding 2 minutes during the day is doable - and I find myself content to sit - even stretching that time out as well. The rewards are very special. Thank you for encouraging the will...and offering a way. Duncan.

  2. You found the way Duncan, I just pointed a direction. Thanks for reading!