Thursday, April 12, 2012

And Facebook too!

In preparation for the release of my long awaited - at least by me - book. I have decided to create a Paddling Otaku Facebook Page. If you already on Facebook - and come on, who isn't - you can click the link on the right. Posts will be released on Facebook shortly after they are released here. I will also post more frequent updates with smaller - though relevant - information. Including links to tested gear and thoughts on the next big expedition. I would also like to add some small giveaways - T shirts and stickers and things like that. I also plan on opening up the fall expedition Skills camp to everyone, not just people that are working on expeditions with me. This will make it easier for me to communicate with people.

But most importantly it will hopefully create more two way communication between myself and the paddlers following me. I already have a few readers who follow me on my personal Facebook and I would like to migrate that traffic to

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