Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In case you were wondering.

The top three posts on this blog:

"Yesterday someone googled" - A post about how to go to the bathroom in the backcountry

"Whisperlite and Simmering" - A post about how to make an MSR Whisperlite simmer

"Ten Essentials for Sea kayaking" - a ten essentials list like the classic list for backpacking

The thing that is interesting about this to me is that the first two are about a year old. The third is a month and half old, and is only behind the number two post by about a third. It may soon be my most popular post. Rounding out the top five are two other posts less than four months old. Further proof of how small the kayaking community is, in the top five only the Ten essentials post is a "for kayakers only post". The rest of the posts are applicable to just about anyone active in the outdoors. As I am typing this it occurs to me that "Yesterday someone googled" has been as popular as it is without a title that actual says what it is about is staggering. I may repost it with a  different title.

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