Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making a habit

The other day I stumbled across this post at ZenHabits. I thought it was sensational in its simplicity. Simple works, most of the time, but the part I liked most was that it talked about making meditation a habit. You need to make things - particularly things that are good for you - a habit. Most of the things my friends complain to me about I offer up meditation as a potential cure. Much like chicken soup, it certainly couldn't hurt. Can't sleep? Meditate. Stressed out? Meditate. Can't focus on something, meditate.

So I try to meditate once or twice a week for twenty minutes or so. With the goal always to be to go longer. But I love the simplicity of making a commitment to two minutes a day. Make it a habit first and then you can make it longer.

So this morning I added two minutes of meditation at the end of my work out. I enjoyed it so much I did five! So easy! So doable! It is easy to make this a habit. Follow the directions in that link. As every Jewish grandmother would say, 'it couldnt hurt.' it just might help.


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