Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Addition to The Paddling Otaku Store

The most angst driving factor in the planning of the Inside Passage trip this past summer was this, Where are good campsites? Unlike a hiking trip, where you can usually walk off the trail and set up a tent, the biggest problem on long distance kayak trips is simply getting off the water. The world is not lined with perfect sand beaches. So the question in your mind when planning is this "how far will I have to paddle each day before I can find a spot where I can get off the water, and not have my tent under water at high tide." As much as I enjoyed both Robert Millers book, Kayaking the Inside Passage, and Denis Dwyer's blog, the camping data was very incomplete. What I wanted were actual waypoints instead of descriptions of where things were located. While I still recommend both the Miller book and Denis' blog - they offer great insight into the paddle - to help you plan I am offering this indispensable data. Use it in conjunction with the other resources on the web. Here is what is in the package:

The Three NOAA nautical charts in Digital Format.
A digital map of the three nautical charts joined with my route and campsites.
My actual Garmin waypoints (GPX)
My actual waypoints in Google Earth format (KMZ)
Digital maps of the IP for your Garmin GPS
My Gear list
Waypoints of campsites based on information from Denis Dwyers blog, and the Miller book.
in both GPX and KMZ format.
The tentative schedule we worked from
The Actual schedule of what we paddled
TOPO maps of our route
A day by day trip report from our Inside Passage trip
And Track data from my GPS.

750mb of data, to aid you in planning your own trip from Ketchikan to Skagway. Available today in the Paddling Otaku Store.

To access this much data with no delay - as would be caused by shipping a CD - I am sharing the files via a website called Dropbox. You have to register with drop box and install a small piece of software. It is free and easy, and if you don't want to use dropbox after this you can uninstall it. If someone has a better way for me to share the data easily (one file is 300mb) I am eager to listen, but this was the best free way I could find.

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