Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things that have been on my mind:

My sons route cross country - on his bike for charity, if you haven't been paying attention - is heading south through Colorado, headed towards Colorado Springs. They can turn east anytime now.

I spend a lot of time looking at videos. I used to work in the film industry, and love well made short films about the outdoors. I am amazed by the number of excellent short films about whitewater paddling. I am equally distressed about the low number of sea kayaking videos. Viewers definitely like the high energy feel of whitewater, but it is interesting to me that the large growth of the sport is in recreational kayaking. Whitewater growth is pretty flat. I expect we will soon see growth in Stand up paddle board videos that include whitewater and girls in bikinis.

I also spend a lot of time - as I have mentioned - watching people paddle. The vast majority still paddle incorrectly, which is no great shock, I didn't expect a change. But I started formulating a list in my head of the things that I see that indicate a person is paddling with their arms. This will be a post in the future - or I may slide it into the book if it ever gets back from the proofreader.There is a meditation lesson that is also going to be slid into the book.

I had an invitation to join a group paddling in Maine in September. I just found out I have to teach  wilderness medicine course at the same time. Which means I need to head to the Outerbanks. I may go solo, but I think there may be someone who wants to go on the next expedition. hmmm.

This October will mark the third annual Paddling Otaku Expedition Skills Camp. Leave a slot open on your calendar.

My sprayskirt is leaking. Seriously leaking. Its seams are coming untaped. It is a very old Immersion Research that was a permanent loan from a friend. Do you think IR will repair it?

I discovered my sprayskirt was leaking while working on the balance brace. The balance brace is very hard to do in my kayak.

I started working on the balance brace because I started watching 'This is the Roll'. It is really quite good. A full review is coming, but can I just say that it is 2 hours plus. A lot of material. Beautifully put together.

The charts for the next expedition have arrived. They will go up on the wall this weekend.

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