Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Question:Phone or tablet Apps?

Do you have a phone, or tablet app for kayaking that you love? A friend recently showed me an android app that did currents, and I have found some apps for tides, but very few for kayaking? Do you have an app that you love? Let me know in the comments and include an email address so I can ask you some questions.



  1. I use one called Marine Traffic on my iPhone that allows me to see the very busy waterways (cargo ships, ferries etc. around southern Vancouver Island. Considering we cross many of the shipping lanes it really helps to know what is around the next point or in a passage before entering.


  2. thanks Mark, Do you use anything for weather or currents?


  3. For currents I use AyeTides although the data is not as accurate as what the Canadian Hydrographic Service produces but it works while out on the water. For weather I rely on the Environment Canada website as well as the Weather Channel app. On thing I will say that switching from Blackberry to iPhone made a world of difference as Blackberry was very difficult to use in terms of apps. Of course you need to take all the information you gather and still use the best tool available to make decisions while paddling. That tool???? Your eyes :-)

  4. I will begin evaluating the following apps over the next few months in preparation for spring and summer Kayak trips along the Willamette and Columbia Water Trails, the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Islands and perhaps an Inside Passage trip:

    AyeTides App
    Boater's Pocket Reference App
    Float Plan - Essential Tool For Boaters
    Marine Weather by Bluefin
    Google Earth

    I will also likely need to evaluate the Solio BOLT battery pack and solar charger.

    Mark Sherman

  5. Mark,

    A lot of those I have used. I am working a post about apps, and was wondering if you had any feedback on predictwind, float plan and Ayetides? If you do email me.



  6. Hey thanks for sharing this idea. There are many phone and tablets apps on my site. I think you should go through it.

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