Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forgive my absence..

I have been very busy. I have spent most of the past month teaching, in one form or another.

I am thrilled to be an instructor for - in my opinion, the best wilderness medicine school in the world - The NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute. (the name was just changed and I hope I got it right. I teach two day wilderness first aid courses. This month I taught two of them a week apart. I became a lead instructor for the school in March, and so each course still offers a number of challenges.

The first course I taught, I was thrilled to be teaching with Eli Helbert - The Canoe Guru - that is right, A paddling otaku and a canoe guru working on the same course. Eli is a two time world champion freestyle canoeist, a hell of a good guy. We had a lot of fun teaching, I don't care what he is teaching, he is good at it!

Here is Eli in thick of it.

The guy has a heck of a beard too!

This month I also had a number of private lessons (Eli charges more than me, but he is a two time world champion!), a couple with recurring students and one with a pair of new students, I hope to see them again soon as they were a lot of fun. I finished teaching last Sunday in Atlanta and headed immediately home, because the following afternoon I had to head to Montreal.

That is right, as Sandy was bombarding the east coast, I flew to the great white north. I think I had the only flights that didn't get cancelled. I took off in 30 knot winds, and landed in winds gusting to 45 knots. For reference I heard them close the Cleveland airport because the wind was in the high 20's. So while I am not sure why my flights kept going, I am glad they did.

I will say the flights were pretty boring, but the landings and takeoffs were a bit scary. However, if you are a pilot, and you flew in the weather last weekend, thanks. You did a great job.

I hope to squeeze into a kayak this week at some point, and that means that it is time for the dry suit. Keep paddling people!

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