Monday, November 5, 2012

In august, I posted one of my rare editorials

I talked about the overwhelming evidence that global climate change is real, and my confusion when so many people choose to ignore it, or say it isn't man made, or say 'so what?'

I recently discovered that there are 928 peer reviewed journal publications by climatologists that draw undeniable links between global climate change and mans activities. There are exactly zero that refute the connection.

Then Sandy happened, and the questions started. Is this because of global warming? The answer is actually no. Though the fact that the northeast US got two 100 year storms in two years does seem a little puzzling, global climate change did not cause this. But what it did was make it worse. The oceans and the air are warmer than they have been before, warm air and water are what make hurricanes. I really like these two analogies for what global climate change did to Sandy.

It didn't cause it, but it was like the steroids that made it possible for someone to achieve seven Tour De France victories, or hit a record number of home runs in one season.

But cut through all the science, and I think Bloomberg says it best:

CNN had a great article as well. please check it out.

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