Friday, November 23, 2012

The 2nd Annual Kayaking Christmas

Well, it's the day after Thanksgiving, and I hope you had a great day. Last year - much to my surprise - one of my more popular posts was a list of gifts for the kayaker in your life. Since people liked it so much, I decided to update the list for this year. So from least expensive to most expensive, here ya go. Your kayaking christmas list for 2012:

Seal Line Map Case $26.95 I have used every map case imaginable, and they all stink. Either you can't open and close them, or they aren't waterproof.... or you can't read through the material. Seal line finally gets it right. Easy to use velcro/folded closure, completely waterproof, and soft pliable material.

Black Diamond Cosmo $29.95 You have to have light, and this newly updated head lamp has a very bright 70 lumen punch for a very reasonably $29 bucks!

Timbuk 2 tool shed $35.00 Yup! it's made for cyclists. Deal with it. It is the single best kitchen tool kit in the world. Easy to clean, holds a lot, and packs flat in your kayak. Bar none, the best!

Kokatat Seeker $62.00 Last year the shoe I listed was the NRS desperado sock. It has since been discontinued. While I am still wearing a pair, when they die - which by the smell is not far off - I will switch to this nice looking shoe by kokatat

Liquid Logic Speedloader $78.00 The beauty of this speedloader is in the name. easy and fast to reload after use. The front of the bag opens wide, almost flat. This will be my next throw bag. 

MSR Whisperlite Universal $139.95 Why choose between liquid fuel and canister fuel? They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so get both with one stove. Plus Kerosene and unleaded. This does it all.

GoPro Hero 3 Black edition $399.99 Don't mess around with the silver or the white. You are just going to end up upgrading. With the addition of a remote control you can mount your camera on your bow and turn it on when you need it.

Garmin Fenix $400 Navigation is key, and with this watch it is never further away than your wrist. It has all the functions of an ABC watch (I swear by the barometer on my suunto vector), plus the added benefit of GPS. Not much bigger than the watch I wear now, it offers a lot more usability with a basic moving map. You can even set the units to Nautical. (and if you think this is a lot of money, the Suunto ambit has the same feature set for $100 more!)

The North Face VE-25 $619 Expeditioning this summer? This is THE expedition tent. roomy and bombproof. I have spent a bunch of nights in this tent and she is a winner!

Necky Looksha Carbon $4400 I love my Delta but I have a craving to paddle carbon. There are very few options out there, and since the Looksha was my second choice, might as well try it in the carbon version.

A couple of additional items that came close to making the list - This is the Roll - the best rolling DVD ever made. It helped me this summer nail my greenland roll. $29.99. Level Six's hydrophobic shirt, it is going to change paddle clothing and I can't wait to get my hands on one, BUT they aren't available yet, and I don't have a price. Finally, I love this lantern from snow peak, but it is $89.00, which is a lot for a compact lantern. The cool thing about it is that when there is sound (think wind) or it moves (again, think wind) it flickers like a candle. A friend of mine has one of them, and I made fun of him for spending so much on a lantern, but now I want one... It is very materialistic of me, I know.

So that is my list this year. Last years list is here, and in a week I will have this years version of the 'stocking stuffer list', and on that list everything is under $25.00

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