Monday, December 10, 2012

Balance - the video

Balance is what I strive for. I don't mean balance in my boat, though I work on that too, I am talking about work life balance. A decade and half ago I left a job that was interesting, fun, I worked with intelligent, creative people, and had the potential for me to make a lot of money.

In 2000, several years after a divorce, I took a NOLS course and realized what was missing from my life. It wasn't enough for me to make a lot of money, or work with cool people. I wanted to be having my kind of fun, and to be doing that I wanted to be working outside. I found my path, and while I am still not outside enough, I am working in the outdoor industry and loving it. I will never make a million dollars but I will be much happier.

With that in mind is yet another series of short films, about a whitewater kayaker, a mountain biker, and a snowboarder, all seeking balance.

Here is episode 1

Balance Ep.1- At Ease from Lee Visual on Vimeo.

Two notes, at the end of the "stocking stuffer' post I said it might be my last post for the year. How wrong was I?! At the beginning of this post I mention and linked to the 'balance' lesson. There is a much updated version of that lesson - along with new video and new techniques - in my book. Enlightened Kayaking, which is on sale the month of December for $5.99.

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