Saturday, December 15, 2012

Got HERO Trouble?

The two posts I have done this month about my new HERO 3 Black have generated a lot of hits, and a number of them are coming from search terms indicating that the searcher is having a problem. On there is a GoPro 'subreddit' that has a HERO 3 issue FAQ that is very helpful.

Here is a direct link.


  1. I think part of the problem is the firmware that is trying to get the Hero(s) to work with WiFi via an iPhone. My Hero 2 had similar issues when I installed the WiFi firmware V198 to use with my iPhone. Once I reverted back to the previous firmware (V124)my issues were resolved. I still have Wifi capability through the GoPro wrist controller but not through my iPhone. In reality I probably won't be using my iPhone anyway to control my GoPro simply due to the environment that I use it in.

  2. Mark, As I only had a hero 1 I never delved into the wifi aspects before. But I suspect your right. I also agree with your 'reality' comment. I am thrilled to have the remote, don't think I will use the phone that much, both for environment and battery usage. But man is it fun to play with.