Friday, December 14, 2012

Hero 3 Black - The app!

The Hero 3 has built in wifi, since I skipped the hero two I didn't have the ability to use an app with it, today I was very excited to get the update for the firmware for my Hero 3 and download the app onto my iPad.

To install the firmware update is simple. Go to GoPro's website and follow the instructions with easy info graphic. It is really very simple with step by step instructions.

On the next screen you register your camera, and then on the following screen you name and password protect your camera. This is optional. I suppose the concern is someone can take control of your camera, the only reason I did it was that I wanted to see the entire process. You download the firm ware, which gets installed on the camera, and then disconnect the camera and shut it down, power it up and then it installs. This takes a few minutes. While it was installing - the camera turns itself on and off a bunch of times - I was installing the free app on my iPad.

My one complaint with the camera is that my aging eyes occasionally have trouble reading the small screen - I do need new glasses as well as having old eyes, but I digress - The app completely solves this. Once you activate the app, turn on wifi on the camera and select 'Go Pro App' instead of remote control your device - for me iPhone or iPad syncs to the wifi the way it would any other wifi network. Not only do I get a full preview - with a slight delay - video and audio, but I also get full camera control . I no longer have to struggle with reading the small print on the screen.

Let me just put this in simple terms, I can mount my camera out of reach on the bow of my kayak and not only operate it, but change the camera settings. Again I will let you know how this plays out in real usage, but this is very exciting.

Here is my one concern - and it is minor - in order to connect to the camera from my iPad I have to go into settings and attach it like a wifi network. When I have two cameras running I would like to be able to do it within the app itself. I plan on picking up a Hero 3 Silver shortly and we will see how they play together.

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