Saturday, March 23, 2013

Google Glass?

In November of 2011 I posted this video:

Gear Concept from Paddling Otaku on Vimeo.

It was an idea for a gear concept. A heads up display inside a pair of sport sunglasses. It arose out of the idea that I wanted more information readily available while I was expeditioning. I could easily get all of this information on a watch, the Garmin Fenix for example, or the Suunto Ambit - but I wanted the information portrayed visually and presented in front of my normal view. I think something like this is not that far off.

By now all of you know about the Google Glass project. As people create apps for this concept I am sure that something like this will be soon be available. I wonder if Google Glass is waterproof?

It brings to mind the conversation about technology and the outdoors. I do go to the outdoors to get away from the overload of information - I am sure this app would also tell me when I have an email or text message! - and I probably wouldn't use it on day paddles, but I would on longer trips.

Imagine mountain biking with the route on the trail overlayed on what you were seeing. It would add a layer - no pun intended - of safety when it comes to navigation.

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  1. You are right , I think the google glass are waterpoof