Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The unnecessary

I am a minimalist. I like gear that serves a purpose, I also generally like multitaskers. But if I don't use something or like a piece of gear, I don't hesitate to move on. I give away or sell a lot old and used gear.  Recently I gave a Patagonia Skanorak away because I realized I never used it. It is part of the reason I like expeditioning. Everything that goes in the boat is there for a reason, and it is so easy to say at the end of a trip, well, I didn't use this, so I don't need to bring it with me next time (first aid kit excluded!)

Recently I saw posted on reddit a link to a kickstarter. I like kickstarted, I think there are some amazing ideas getting worked on there. Unfortunately I generally find them too late to take part, but a friend of mine has had some really good experiences with products from kickstarter. Here is what I saw this week:

This is a beautifully designed and built item. Clearly someone put a lot of thought into it. Judging by the support on kickstarter - it made its goal and added a stretch goal - people think it is a great idea. I don't mean to knock a great looking piece of gear. But this is completely unnecessary.

First, what is the outdoor industries obsession with bottle openers? Most yakima products have integrated bottle openers. A few years ago their was a sandal with a bottle opener in the sole. Every multitool, and a lot of knives have them. The knife on my PFD has one! Do we really need another bottle opener?

It's a key chain. I have a key chain. thanks though.

You can use it to secure gear when used in conjunction with paracord (America's obsession with paracord is another blog post!) which means I probably need more than one of these. You know what else can secure gear with paracord? a knot.

The truckers hitch from Paddling Otaku on Vimeo.

No additional gear needed. I haven't timed it yet, but I think that I tie this truckers hitch faster than he uses his bottle board. Really, I don't mean to knock this product. I think it is much nicer than this, and clearly a lot of thought went into it. But I would like to see this clearly talented person putting his effort into something we actually need.

Something else to consider, I am in the minority on this, since it has gotten funded, people seem to like this sort of thing.


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  2. why learn how to tie a knot when i can buy something?