Saturday, May 25, 2013

Top Ten List

Cue David Letterman, not really. These are my top ten posts - in no real order, with a couple of edits. I am not going to include Christmas related posts - more on that towards the end.

#10 A kind of angry social media post. Written almost two years ago, I think a lot of the comments are still valid. Feel free to respond in the comments with your own suggestions.

#9 I think the most important post I have ever written, and it is close to the most read post I have ever posted. Send it around to your friends who paddle. I love that if you google the topic this post comes up first, though as a Buddhist I should try and separate out the ego? Shouldn't I?

#8 Eerily similar to #10, I am a little angry that a certain product doesn't exist.

#7 Encounters of the furry (and toothy) kind, and the lengthened version at Let's be Wild.

#6 My beloved. Well, my non-wife beloved.

#5 The ultimate stove workaround.

#4 It's always best to start at the beginning.

#3 March 23rd 2010, it all started with this. I still think the most overlooked post, that the most people struggle with. I could write an entire book on this topic, wait a minute, I am! It will be done soon.

#2 So much debate. When it is really so simple. This is a really good, fair and balanced view from a group that know a thing or two about the topic.

#1 This really is my single most viewed post. Go figure. Everyone does it.

Finally, as I mentioned at the top, I didn't include my Christmas related posts. On one level I am not surprised that essentially a shopping list post is very popular, but as a bit of a minimalist I saddens me that this is what a lot of people are most interested in. But with my mind on fairness, here are two very popular Christmas related posts.

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