Monday, June 10, 2013

Sea kayaking isn't a 'sexy' sport.

It's true. Do a google search for "GoPro, Sea kayak" and see what you get. You will see a couple of surfing videos - the ones that came up for me were pretty boring - a couple of kayak sailing videos (which I don't consider kayaking) and then surfski videos (which I don't consider sea kayaking)

Repeat this test but do it a search for "GoPro, Whitewater". You will get hits like this:
Huck from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

This is a 'sexy' video. Try that search one more time for mountain biking.

Claymore Challenge - Phantom Flex High Speed Camera - Highland Mtn from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

The opening credits are sexier than anything in the sea kayaking category.

Kranked - Revolve Teaser from The Coastal Crew on Vimeo.

I wont even get into surfing, base jumping or skiing.  For clarity, when I am talking about sexy, I mean beautifully shot, with an interesting storyline - which could be as simple as a short film in music video style. I think all of the videos I posted in the 'craftsman' series are 'sexy'.

There are a couple of reasons that sea kayaking isn't sexy. I think the biggest is camera position. It is really hard to take good, compelling video of sea kayakers. And when you do, it's boring. With the super wide angle lenses on GoPro cameras - and I am not limiting us to GoPro, the searches I did at the beginning were for GoPro because they are so many of them in use, Huck is shot on a DSLR - everything looks smaller, so those big waves you were in, look tiny. That whale you saw? It's invisible.

I am extremely proud of the Paddle North teaser. I think it falls into the sexy category. I think parts of the Paddle North series are sexy, but I think parts of it aren't and the answer for that is that I just didn't shoot enough, and I wasn't always shooting the right stuff.

Paddle North (teaser trailer) from Paddling Otaku on Vimeo.

I want Sea kayaking videos to be sexy. I am tired of sea kayaking being the bastard step child of the outdoor world. I went to the Banff mountain film festival this year and was amazed that there wasn't one kayaking video. Not even whitewater. We just aren't sexy! I am currently planning my next big trip and a large component of it is video. There will be much more video, with less of the view you are seeing directly above. What I think is really interesting is that the best shots from sea kayaking videos, aren't shots of the actual kayaking.... Unless you are on the Skookumchuk, or in 'this is the sea'.

You want further proof that Sea kayaking isn't sexy? Freya Hoffmeister is paddling around south america and I can't find a good video!

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