Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A big thing. A medium sized thing. And two things no one cares about.

That was what I promised before I went to Canada. So here goes:

A big thing. I am pleased to announce the Expedition for 2014. Keep in mind I planned the Labrador trip for close to a year without mentioning it on the blog, because my fear was that something would come up that would keep it from occurring, and I didn't want a year of people watching the planning process for nothing to occur. So the fact that I am announcing this trip idea is proof of one thing. I am going, and doing this trip even if I have to do it alone, which I don't think will happen.

Here ya go. Next summer, myself and at least two other people - who I will introduce soon - are going to drive our boats to Alaska. We are going to put in in Whittier and Paddle in Prince William Sound. But PO you are thinking, what is the big deal? You were a NOLS instructor, you have paddle PWS a bunch of times!? Yes, I have. But this time I am doing it with a mission.

After watching the film Chasing Ice, I was curious how the glaciers I am familiar with have changed. So we are going to find Archival photos of at least three PWS glaciers, do our best to find the spot the photos were taken from, and recreate them to see the difference. This is a completely unscientific scientific expedition! And it is going to be a lot of fun. We are going to make a film about the trip as well, of course. In the process I am going to do my best to learn as much about glaciology as possible.

I already have the coolest librarian on the planet to help me find archival photos of glaciers. This is gonna be a blast!

A medium sized thing. A big question I get is "when is your book going to be available on (insert device here)? Here is what is about to happen, In a couple of days I am going to start selling via paypal and this site, a PDF version of the book. I have a couple of people testing it out currently and as soon as I get positive reports on the download process I am going to make it available. Because I wanted it to work on as many platforms as possible I had to make some sacrifices. Instead of the videos being embedded, there is a link you will follow to see the videos - which means you have to be connected to the internet to see them - or you could download them prior to viewing. About a quarter of the videos have never been seen on this website, so they are password protected. You can read it on any device that can open a color PDF file. Currently the price is going to be the same as the iTunes version of the book, mainly because I don't want iPad owners to buy the PDF version because it is a much nicer reading experience in its original form.

Two things no one cares about. Yeah, I didn't really have two things that no one cared about. But here goes. I am almost done with my next project, a mini book that focuses solely on the Forward stroke. This will be available on the iTunes store for iPad. It is much smaller than my first book, just a couple of chapters, but it will be FREE! As much as people enjoy the advanced strokes, they really need the help with their forward stroke. That is about a month out - plus the time it takes for iTunes to approve it.

That is only one thing, but it's all I have.

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  1. PO, great news on all accounts! Glad to hear your 2014 trip is still on and the 2015 trip sounds exciting. Can't wait to see the adventures unfold.

    I am really looking forward to being able to read your book in PDF format since I am a non iPad dude. Awesome!!

    An the last thing ... ya that's great too!! Sounds like a great teaching tool ;-)