Monday, July 29, 2013

A great month.

I am headed to the beach, to shoot the last bit of video for the next book. There may be some relaxing as well. But I am really excited with the month of July. Without going crazy scrutinizing numbers I will point out the following information.

the number one post in the history of this blog is no longer about going to the bathroom in the woods. In just under a month, this is now the most popular post in the history of this site, and I am super proud. It is also the fastest a post has shot to the top like that, though I do have the good people of reddit to thank.

The growth of that one post has pushed my page view count higher than it has ever been for one month, and is actually three times what it was last July.

July will also have the highest number of posts of any month - in part because of the '21 tips in 21 days' posts.

Also, with the exception of the first month it was available, I sold more copies of Enlightened Kayaking in the month of July than any other time. In part because of the new PDF version, though most of them were the iTunes version (all right, I am actually one short of an all time record month, but as I write this there are still two days left in the month, and I am leaving town tomorrow. If you had planned on buying  copy you could make my month by doing it now.)

So it has been a great month, and I am really looking forward to the fall with the planning of Expedition 2014.

Finally, on August 5th I am starting a 21 day meditation challenge with a couple of friends. If you are interested in joining us, let me know.

Have a great week!

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