Sunday, September 1, 2013

Long way round

The past month or so I have really been enjoying watching "Long Way Round" and its sequel "Long Way Down". If you're not familiar, here is the trailer.

Let me stress, that I am not a motorcycle - or as they call them in this series, motorbike - guy. Having worked on an ambulance I know how dangerous they can be. I won't debate that they are cool and fun, they are, but dangerous none the less. ( I should also point out I have a dear friend, and a wonderful brother-in-law who ride long distances on bikes and it makes me very scared!) But that said, this is a wonderful series about a ride around the world. I love it for a couple of reasons, and it bugs me for one reason.

The loves:

I just love that these two friends have adventures as wonderful as this. They are clearly very dear to each other, and I am excited to see how they support each other. I love that they give each other hugs a lot. It is wonderful to see. I also love that they are both actors, but clearly everyone has heard of Ewan, and I had never heard of Charley. Yet Charley is amazing, and it turns out made a career out of motorbikes after this. I love that. I love when anyone can make a passion a career. (I am trying, and I feel partially successful!)

I love Ewan (and Charley's) love of the different places that they get to go, the experiences that that get to have, and seeing them struggle with the difficulty. I love that they continually say things like "A vacation doesn't have to be a trip to the beach." I have had an idea for a post - or maybe a I would propose it to a magazine - about the will to have adventures. How many times people hear about the trips I do and say "I would love to do something like that!" I can't count. But the thing that keeps you from doing trips like that is you, and nothing else. It is having the mindset that you can do it, and you make it happen. I love that we get to see them eating at little divey restaurants in Mongolia. Where most people would be afraid to eat. They are living life, and having an amazing time.

Here is what bugs me:

As someone who plans, funds, and executes adventurous trips, it kills me how easy it is if your name is Ewan McGregor. Oh? Bikes from BMW? Sure. Tools from Snap on? Sure. Helmets, Cameras, a film crew? Sure. Sure. Sure. A little frustrating. That said, Ewan seems like a really likable guy who I would love to have a drink with. Charley too. When they drive through Alaska they actually go kayaking to see wild life in Prince William Sound, maybe their next trip will have them kayaking and they will need a fixer. I'm available.

Long Way Round, and its sequel Long Way Down are on Netflix instant watch.

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