Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Product I am excited to see

This is something that made the rounds during the last outdoor retailer. But first let me point out a few things about myself and sleeping bags. I am a pretty traditional guy when it comes to sleeping. I think it may be the single most important part of any trip, because if you aren't sleeping well, you aren't going to be having fun during the day. Currently I use a Thermarest Prolight 4 (which is now called the Prolight Plus) which is a four season self inflating pad. I also use an REI Lumen, which is a 25º EN rated synthetic mummy sleeping bag. Nothing crazy in that sleeping kit. In fact, pretty old school. I have spent a lot of nights in that system, and it has served me well. But I think some changes are brewing. I wasn't thrilled with my pad on the last expedition skills camp. I woke up a couple of times during the night with sore shoulders - I am a side sleeper. So I think it is time to go to something thicker. But I don't like blowing up my own pad. So while I am researching new pads, check out this from Sierra designs.

A zipperless sleeping bag.

This is a pretty simple design, a mummy bag that is a bit roomier, with a blanket that can fill the hole. The blanket is attached to the bottom of the opening. Giving you the ability to open or close it as much as the environment dictates. But because of the design. If you want to roll over you do, leaving he bag where it is. You sleep in it like a bed, not like a mummy bag. Available in 15º and 30º for $399 and $349 it is on par with other bags with these specs. And the specs are 800 fill dri down. The weights are pretty low as well. I don't know if it is EN tested or not.

I want to see this in the flesh, but I am very intrigued. You can see the blue sleeping pad sneaking out in the images above, like the big agnes bags, there is a pocket for a standard size sleeping pad. I don't know if there is insulation above the pad or not.

I wish there was a synthetic version for paddlers like myself, and I also wish the 'blanket' that you use to close up the bag was detachable. If it were, I could change it out - warmer, or cooler - as the environment dictated.

This should be available first quarter of 2014, I for one, will be checking it out.


  1. It actually looks quite confortable and even if the top part isn't removable, it looks like there's enough room to glide in a warm blanket in there with you as well. Assuming it keeps up the temperature of the specs; there prices aren't all that bad either for the size.

  2. Yeah, I am actually really excited bout this. The more I think about it the more I like it. As a paddler the down makes me hesitant. But I might do it anyway.


  3. Interesting for sure. A new sleeping bag is next on my list for 2014.

  4. I don't know if it is next on my list, but it is on the list. Have you seen the Werner Ovation? It will be on the PO Christmas List post. Stay tuned.