Thursday, November 7, 2013

Whitewater vs Sea Kayaking

If you have been reading here for a while there are a couple of things you may have noticed. I like finely crafted short films. As can be witnessed here and here. I think whitewater culture is fascinating, and am in fact a little envious of all the great whitewater films that are made, like this one, or the one embedded below.

Webisode #2 "All Roads Lead To The PNW" from TiTs Deep on Vimeo.

I have said before that I want to make sea kayaking as cool as whitewater. But I am starting to realize it can't be. The young women in the video above are very cool - is that term even cool anymore? They are very high energy, and boisterous, and young and attractive. I would also never sell them short by saying they are anything less than highly skilled paddlers. I am none of those things, and thats okay (well, I am a pretty good paddler). While I am envious of whitewaters ability to translate well to the medium of film - and I will continue to make sea kayaking films that I hope capture some of that feeling - I am coming to realize that the two sports are two very different undertakings.

While the whitewater kayakers are young, outgoing, risk takers, that is not what most sea kayakers are. We are different, and different is okay. I think the serious sea kayakers in the world are a different lot. We are older, perhaps a little wiser, and a little more zen. We don't have to ride tandem off a waterfall - not that there is anything wrong with that - but are happy to enjoy a beautiful swell on a coast, or waiting to watch a glacier calve. I think we are far more likely to see a sea kayaker meditate before or after a paddle, or do yoga on a lunch break.

Tomorrow morning I head out for a weekend of paddling. There won't be any waterfalls, or surf. There will be a couple of long days in the boat, to give a newer paddler the feel for what an expedition is like. A paddler who will do an expedition with me next summer. I will also shoot some video with the new Hero 3+ which will lead to a more detailed review. There will be a nice dinner by a camp fire on a cold night. There will be some meditation. There will be very little hijinks. And that is okay.


  1. I'd have to agree with our assessment in general, and without sounding too self-serving, I'd invite you to check out our trailer to our upcoming documentary:

  2. steve, the link is posted to my Facebook page - - I am heading paddling tomorrow AM, but I will reach out to you monday. I have a couple or three questions for you. Film looks great.