Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I always thought Casey Neistat was a little weird.

I have watched a number of his short films, and while they are very good, he comes across as a little insane, and a little obsessed. Having worked in the film industry I saw a lot of people like that, and it is a big part of what made decide to leave the industry. When you put someone insane/obsessed into a position of power it doesn't take much for that person to be, forgive me, an asshole.

Listen to the Christian Bale audio of him freaking out on the lighting guy, he is a little insane, and a little obsessed, and again forgive me, but an asshole. I saw people, including myself, get treated poorly on a daily basis. I watched millions of dollars get spent on advertising for products that never made it to market. Money thrown away that could have been used to do some good.

There are great and talented people who work in the film industry, but there are also a lot of people who are just horrible. It is what pushed me out of the creative arts, and into worlds where I could have an impact on people. First Emergency/Paramedicine and finally outdoor education.

Every now and then, you will see something done by people in the film world that is amazing and breath taking. But it is - in my experience - far too little, and far too infrequent. Then I saw this video by Mr. Neistat.

I applaud Mr. Neistat for doing this, and I view him very differently now. He was given an opportunity to do something, and sold the people in charge that it would be good for them to let him do it.

I don't applaud 20th century fox - or really the ad agency that Fox employs - for allowing him to do this. Here is why. First, they are clearly getting more than their monies worth. This video is going viral and will get way more notice than a more traditional short film. And lets be clear here, their only - in my cynical view - goal is to get good press for the Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which looks great by the way, and I was planning on seeing it anyway!) They are getting plenty of that. The second reason I don't applaud them is this. $25,000. Really? That is a sneeze. You can't produce a television commercial for $25,000. Let alone air it. So Fox got their marketing and I am happy for them. Casey Neistat got to do something cool, help people, and prove that he is a good guy. He has my respect, and admiration.

We get to see that there are still good people on this little planet, who when given an opportunity to do some good, or make a profit, they will choose to do good. And with the holidays around the corner, I think that is a good message to end this on.

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