Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking forward to an Enlightened 2014 - Pale Blue Dot

I am occasionally optimistic. Actually I am usually optimistic, but when it comes to the state of our planet, it is only occasional. I am regularly frustrated, ashamed, and terrified at the things we are doing to our planet, and it is all in the name of corporate and private financial growth. Put another way, greed.

We use resources at a far greater rate than the planet makes them available. We produce garbage at a far greater rate than we can responsibly dispose of it. We have far too many people, and because of it, many are sick and dying, and hungry. 20 percent of children in 37 states live in a food insecure household. That is occurring in the wealthiest, fattest country in the world. If that isn't proof of the one percent, nothing is. So that is why I am only occasionally optimistic about the state of the planet.

But then I will read something like 70% of Americans (Finally!) believe Global Climate Change is real and a great threat to the planet. I start to get a little hopeful. We still lag far behind the rest of the world in this obvious piece of science, but I am hopeful. Oh, and if you are wondering, the only thing Al Gore was wrong about, the situation is worsening faster than he predicted. The science is conclusive, the science is understandable. the science is real.

But then I see something like this video, and I am hopeful that the words of someone like Carl Sagan can make an impact. I have read the "pale blue dot" speech many times - in fact, I have read the book, and it is wonderful! - but this one hit me at the right time, and really struck me. (Thanks Doug and Lynn for posting it! The two of you continue to inspire me, and impress me.) There are great voices out there, and they need to be listened to.

This one is pretty good too.

Boom - de - ada!

Happy New Year everyone.
Lets work together, and make 2014 amazing.
And lets all go paddling together soon!


  1. Happy New Year. Would love to catch you for a paddling lesson some time this year, or just meet you on the water. -rhh

  2. rhh, send me an email, I am always game to paddle!


  3. Happy New Year PO!! I am so looking forward to your new adventure. All the best in 2014 my long distance mentor.