Friday, December 6, 2013

Stocking Stuffers for the Paddler in your Life 2013!

As tradition dictates, a couple of weeks ago I published the annual kayaking Christmas list. Here is The lists little elfin brother, to help you fill out the stocking of that paddler you love, and every item is under $25

Smartwool Midweight Hiking Socks $18.95 - Something I teach students who are planning long trips is the idea of "sacred socks." Socks that never leave the bottom of your sleeping bag. At the end of the day, you take off your probably damp socks. Dry your feet off, and put on clean fresh socks in your bag. By sleeping in clean dry socks you dramatically decrease the chances of getting immersion foot, and it just feels nice!

Light My Fire FireSteel Scout 2.0 $14.95 - makes a tremendous spark compared to some of the others on the market. I keep it in my fire starting kit, for when things go really wrong, or I just want a little challenge.

Vacuum bottle $19.50 - I can paddle all day long in the cold and the wet, if I have a hot drink to go back to. It just makes an uncivilized world seem more civilized.

Sealline Deluxe Bailing Sponge  $14.95 - This seems silly. $14.95 for a sponge? Yes. You see, it is wrapped in the same material as a super absorbent pack towel. So it soaks up moisture two ways. The covering also extends the life of the sponge.

Batteries for the Hero 3+ $19.99 - Yes, the new Hero 3+ has better battery life, but you may still want extra batteries. GoPro has also released a bunch of new really awesome mounts you should check out. Also check out any of the new mounts they released at the same time.

WMI Med Kit 1.0 $14.00 - I love first aid kits, and this one from WMI is awesome! This is a new product line from WMI, and no one knows wilderness medicine better than they do.

The loudest whistle in the world! $5.99- Your PFD should have a whistle in a pocket. We all know this. But this is the loudest whistle in the world, for when you really need to be heard.

NRS Straps in whatever length you want! $5.60 and up - after some time loading a boat onto your roof you will realize you spend as much time securing the unused end of the strap as you do actually securing the boat. How about a strap that is exactly the length you need? NRS sells them by the foot, and they say the size right on them!

Sawyer Mini -$24.95 I love my sawyer water filter, but I am upgrading to this new smaller lighter version. A water filter for 24.95? Yes!

The Smartwool Microweight Beanie $20.00 - Sometimes on a cold day of paddling you just need a little hat, and here it is.

If you need more ideas, here is last years stocking stuffer list, and the one from the year before. There is of course both of my books, and one of them is free!

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