Monday, January 13, 2014

Classes I am teaching

If you are in central North Carolina this may be of interest to you.

In the coming months I am doing a lot of non-kayak related teaching, and I would love to see a reader or two show up at a class.

On January 18th I am teaching a "GoPro Basics" class. It is a short, introductory GoPro class for the new user, it is also free. You can register for it here. We will be talking about resolutions, feature differences between the cameras, mounting options, and digital media workflow.

On February 15th I am teaching a 6 hour Map and Compass Class. This is covering a lot of material, reading topo maps. Interpreting contour lines. The parts of a compass. Taking and following bearings. Triangulation. Backstops, Handrails, and the one that gets everyone in trouble.... Declination! This class does have a fee, which is $50 and you can register here.

And Finally, the most important. On February 22nd and 23rd I am teaching Wilderness First Aid. This is an awesome course that covers the Patient assessment system, treating traumas, improvised splinting, and a whole lot more. There is even blood! This one is $220 and you can register here.

All three of these classes are suitable for any level of outdoor experience, and all three of these classes can add to your skills, and comfort level in the outdoors. I hope to see you there.

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