Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Louis CK is trying to say....

Is embrace the moment. Experience the moment. It is okay if that moment is sad, it is a real, true emotion, and that is a good thing. I think what he says about texting while driving is absolutely true, we use distraction to take us away from the scary thoughts that are trapped in our head.

A lot of people aren't comfortable with the thoughts in their head, but it is the reason - or one of the reasons - I kayak, and it was a big part of why I started rock climbing decades ago. Both things make me focus on the moment. It is a form of meditation.

I own a cell phone. I love having a cell phone. I try very hard not to use it as a distraction. I use it as a tool. I use it or tides, and music, and weather, and a camera. I use it for directions, I use it to find a restaurant. It is a wonderful tool, and when you travel as much as I do it is an invaluable tool. As a minimalist I like it because it takes the place of many items. But when I find myself killing time with it, I try and put it down - this is something I am going to try and be better about.

Think about when you use your phone. Are you using it as a distraction? I think there is almost certainly something you can use that time for that is more productive. Even if it is just being in the moment.

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