Friday, February 7, 2014

Will this kill GoPro?

No, it isn't a competitor.

What will the effect of an IPO have on our beloved little camera, besides making Nick Woodman a Billionaire? I am very curious. Will the massive influx of cash boost development that much faster? Or will design by committee kill this amazing camera? They are already dominating the market, is this an opportunity for someone else to slide into the product space?

What do you want from future GoPro Cameras? I am a firm believer that the public doesn't know what it wants, but with that said, I would really like better still battery life as well as image stabilization.

What are your thoughts on this latest piece of outdoor tech news?


  1. What I want from GoPro is not to keep developing the next version of camera every 6 months. The 3's just came out and now we are hearing about the 4's. I guess without a competitor they pretty well can do what ever they want much like Apple and there will be people who will buy the next version regardless. OK ... that's my rant for today. :-)

  2. Yeah, they are on a yearly cycle - ironic that you mentioned apple, as they are on a yearly cycle with iPhones. I am actually okay with the yearly cycle, as I have gotten into a ritual of selling my old ones and only paying a few dollars for the new ones. I did that to go from original to 3, and then 3 to 3+. Something dramatic will have to occur for me to move to the 4.