Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AGAP Kickstarter

I am trying something a little different this time. In the past I have always funded my trips personally. This time I tried to get sponsors on board, which didn't really pan out - Though one exception may still occur, I will keep you posted - and so I wanted to try a slightly different approach.

I have a launched a small kickstarter for the Alaskan Glacier Awareness Project, and when I say small I am not kidding. we aren't trying to raise thousands of dollars, the goal is set to $700. We are seeing more and more expeditions funded via kickstarter, and in the planning process of AGAP we found we got one response from the people we were telling about the project, Here is what we told them:

"We are going to Prince William Sound in Alaska, and we are bringing with us archival photos of glaciers. Photos like this one of Harriman glacier"

"We are going to try and find the exact spot this photo was taken from, and recreate it, to see the change in the glacier."

Then the person we are telling, almost 100% of the time, says something like this "WOW, that sounds amazing!" There is a small percentage that says "I think that is going to be really hard to do, and they are right also! We figured that since so many expeditions were turning to crowd funding, and since we were getting such an overwhelmingly positive response, we would give it a shot, and see what kind of results we got.

This is the important part. Our goal is to bring awareness to the state of the glaciers in PWS, we will also be doing a side journey to see remaining impacts - 25 years later - from the Exxon Valdez oil Spill. Don't you want to know what has changed in 57 years?

By backing our kickstarter you will be helping to make this project happen. You will also be proving that projects like this can happen without sponsors from major corporations.

So if you love the outdoors, or kayaking or films about the outdoors and kayaking, you could probably help us out. If you are concerned about the environment, and the state of the glaciers in PWS (and elsewhere) you could probably also help us out. If you can't help us out, how about you use your social network - the one you have worked so hard to cultivate - to help us spread the word.

Our kickstarter goal is set to a relatively modest $700. We are hoping to hit $1000, but the way kickstarter works is, if we don't hit your goal, we get nothing.

Always wanted to take part in an Alaskan Expedition? Now is your chance. Always wanted to be the executive producer of a film, now is your chance.

So there you have it! You have 21 days to save the world! or at least help out our little corner of it.

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