Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An amazing AGAP update.

It has been a heck of a week for the Alaskan Glacier Awareness Project.

First, as you may know, our kickstarter funded in 36 hours, we then hoped to hit our stretch goal of $1000 and guess what. We hit that goal on Sunday evening, and we still have two full weeks left. Now I am just curious how far we can go? So if you can continue to help us spread the word, that would be amazing. $1500 is our new stretch goal.

Second, the fleet is complete.

This is a Delta Sixteen that will be coming to Alaska with us. So if you aren't keeping track, We will have my Delta Seventeen (in red), A Delta 16 (in green) and a Delta 15.5 (in yellow). Yes, we will be covering the rainbow.

I haven't had a chance to paddle this boat yet, as I just picked it up today, but it amazingly beautiful. A foot shorter than my seventeen (obviously) and a half inch narrower. They changed the way the hatch covers work, which at first I wasn't too excited about, but after playing with them a little I might actually like them more. It is an extra step to open and close them, but the closure is fast and very secure - and in all fairness when rolling, mine leak a little. Also in fairness all kayak hatches leak a little. It has slightly lower volume, which you would expect. 5.5 liters less in the bow (which is almost nothing) and 15 liters less in the stern. So if the boat is a foot shorter and the dry storage isn't that much smaller where is the space coming from? The cockpit. The cockpit in the 16 is 35 liters smaller than the 17. When I am paddling on long trips I generally have a bit more than a foot in front of my feet that I fill with gear. This looks to be a much shorter cockpit. But you can add 11 liters for the day hatch in 16 that aren't in the 17.

I will paddle this boat this weekend and do a first look review. Then of course after Alaska I will do a long term review.

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