Thursday, April 3, 2014

What a day yesterday was!

When I got up yesterday morning, I was a little apprehensive. I was going to launch the kickstarter, but I honestly didn't expect it to do very well. I figured I was setting myself up for 21 days of asking people to back it. I am not good at anything to do with money, and I particularly don't like asking for it.

We got our first backer about 30 minutes after it launched, and despite a break in the action in the afternoon, it picked right back up after dinner time on the east coast. It then went to about midnight. was pleasantly surprised to see another backer signed up at 3 am this morning. Leaving us just $55 short of our goal.

$55 dollars short of our total goal, on day 1. So this is where I say thank you, but also say we aren't done yet. I am optimistic that we will make our final $55 but I am also hopeful that we will make it to $1000.

So if I could ask for another great day, help me spread the word further than it has gone already. Help me do the last $355 dollars. If you know someone that likes a documentary, or someone that likes kayaking, or someone that likes the outdoors, or someone that is concerned about the environment, send them here.

I don't have a cool trailer to show you, so I will show you the trailer of chasing ice, an amazing film.

$355 dollars in 19 days for our stretch goal. Post it to Facebook, or reddit, or stumble upon...  Spread the word.

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