Friday, May 9, 2014

Great Progress with 16 days to go.

Today I didn't have to work, and got a lot done in a remarkably short time.

The repair kit is completed, restocked and updated. Inside the repair kit is a tent pole splint, wrapped with duct tape. An MSR whisperlite expedition repair kit. A sleeping pad repair kit. Stainless steel screw eyes - one of my favorite tricks, Any idea what it is? Two syringes of plastic weld for boat repairs and about 2 feet of the tape I used to repair the Delta 15.5, a large syringe for back flushing sawyer water filters and a multi tool. With this I can fix just about anything.

I have solved along standing water problem. On the inside passage I brought along a sawyer 4 liter two bag system for treating water. We used it once. The bulk of the time we used Aqua Mira drops. This time we will have aqua mira with us, but I have two other options going from Sawyer. I love there .1 absolute filters, they are easy, quick, and require no pumping. They don't get out odors or flavors but that is rarely a problem. Here is what I am bringing this time.

A Sawyer Mini with three 64 ounce bags.  It takes up very little space. Which means we can paddle along, when we see water flowing into the sound, we can fill the three 64 ounce bags and a minute or so later have a gallon and a half of filtered water.

We will also have with us, the larger - if you can call it that - sawyer squeeze, connected with a short length of tubing to an MSR dromedary bag. On the outflow end it has a longer piece of tubing I can stick in any container. Be it a another dromedary bag, or a water bottle or a reservoir for water while paddling.

I am confident all of our water needs are taken care of.

I also purchased a collapsible tarp pole to use with my Kelty Noah's tarp. It is a piece of Kit I have been meaning to add for quite some time.  I also purchased our fuel for the trip, and brought home the bear spray. It all starts coming together.

Still a lot to do, but I made a lot of progress today.

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