Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flying frog Adventure Race

Beth, who was a paddler on the Alaskan Glacier Awareness Project, and wrote the exercise for expeditioning guest post -  took part in the Flying Frog adventure race here in Greensboro this week.

How did she do?

How did she do so well*? Because she smoked her competitors on the paddle section. How did she smoke her competitors? Because she knew how to paddle. Because she took paddling lessons and worked at it. This is the difference that knowing how to paddle, versus getting in a boat with no training and paddling makes. So after you get that shiny new kayak, get someone to teach you how to use it. You don't have to be entering  race, you just have to be motivated to have more fun in a boat. And who doesn't want to do that!

Congratulations Beth, I will paddle with you anytime. 

*okay, Beth is also a personal trainer - so in great shape - and the field was small... But her paddling skills definitely made a difference. 


  1. It was definitely the paddling that made the difference. I was 2nd overall in the paddle and way, way in the back for the running and cycling portion. Knowing that I needed to feather my paddle on the return because I was paddling into the wind plus edging for steering made all the difference. I've never had a podium finish before and I surely wouldn't have had this one without your expertise :)

  2. Congratulations Beth, She is awesome and great. She is a source of motivation